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About Us

A Little Background

The passion and experience that we had created the perfect formula to get this venture off the ground and since the birth of our business in April 2017 we’ve managed to rapidly and organically grow almost exclusively through word of mouth. We supply tiles nationwide from Norwich to Dorset; projects with quantities of tiles exceeding thousands of square meters. We also supply to some well-known household builders for prestigious central London developments, movie shoots and unique projects.

Our Philosophy

We spend a lot of time choosing our ranges for the end user so to be able to suit various styles and ranges, making sure that you?ll find something to suit your taste and exceed your expectations.

The finishing decor is what gives your project the wow factor you want for your projects. We strive to understand what kind of market this project will be appealing to while keeping you within your forecasted project budget.

We are personally involved in each project in order to try and understand the clients needs so that we can offer the best suitable products for that particular project.

The style, the finish, the colour and pei rating for the suitable traffic and budget are all factored in when consider your options.


Fantastic Selection

I was worried about getting my worktops matching to my flooring. But when I visited Decorect?s showroom, they provided me with a great service. They understood what I was looking for and helped me find the exact tiles that matched the flooring perfectly.

Simon J

We Were Very Impressed

As a property developer, I must say that I was surprised with the service received by the people at Decorect. We buy at many shops and visit many showrooms but I've never felt as comfortable as I feel at Decorect, knowing that what I get is the best of the best. We would highly recommend them.

P G Developers Group

Service like no other

Great selection of tiles and mosaics, I loved the services provided throughout the entire process. Decorect delivered perfect tiles as promised. I would definitely recommend them.

Malky H

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